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The beginning of this year was tough. I was trying to leave a stressful job, and working hard to save extra money in case I had a gap in employment between jobs. I was also dealing with a hamstring injury. As a result of the stress and my body succumbing to injury, my gym routine suffered. At the beginning of the summer, I tried to slowly get back on track, and eventually decided to hire my super badass, incredibly fit, impressively toned, and sweetheart of a trainer, Natalie, at David Barton Gym who helped me jumps start things. I started my training the day after my birthday, in hopes of getting back on track for my 29th year.

Since then, I’ve gotten into a pretty decent routine. My training with Natalie ended, but I’ve still been doing her workouts, and incorporating some other things I have seen online. But some days, like today, I do skip the gym, giving myself a million excuses (“my hamstring is sore and I should give it some rest,” “I didn’t sleep well last night,” “my shoulder is bothering me,” “it’s going to be a long day at work and waking up at 5:45 means I’ll be burnt out by 2pm,” and so on..).

Not only did I skip today, but I actually skipped yesterday too. And I feel pretty guilty, especially missing 2 days in a row, but you know what? I didn’t really take either day totally off. I walked a couple miles both days, and did some quick plyo’s and abs at home. So why am I feeling bad!?? Even if I didn’t do those things, it wouldn’t have been the worst thing to give my body some rest!

I guess the reason I feel guilty is because I still don’t feel like I am where I want to be physically. Yes, I can see the outline of my abs, and yes, my biceps feel pretty solid. But the beginning of the year really set me several steps back after a 2014 where I was in the best shape ever. I went from having good muscle definition, being toned everywhere, squatting and deadlifting PR’s of 200lbs, feeling lean, and being at the lowest weight I’ve been in quite some time.

So when I start thinking negatively, I have to remind myself that I am moving forward. I look so much better than I did at the beginning of the year, and I should be proud of that! Because I put in a lot of hard work and early morning workouts to get here. As 2016 approaches, which will be the year I both turn 30 and get married, I want to be in the best shape I’ve ever been. And I’m on my way there. It helps to look at pictures of the journey, so that I can remind myself, I am making progress.


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