Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve!


I’m home for the holidays now at my parents’ house, and my brother got here yesterday. We’ve just been relaxing and drinking lots of fancy cocktails made by the fiance (Manhattan’s, whiskey sours, Moscow Mules..). It’s been nice to just sit around and actually relax for once–not something I have an easy time doing!


We brought both our kitties to my parents, so they are having a vacation too! Leo loves the other cats and looking out all the windows, and Raffy just follows me around everywhere, never leaving my side. It’s too funny to watch him, my little shadow! I’ll have to get some pics of him to add later, but here are some of Leo:


Leo, under my parents’ tree
We had a fire going (even though it’s been warm out, it doesn’t feel like Christmas without a fire going) and Leo came and laid on my butt! haha

It’s been raining all week which seems strange, it’s going to be the warmest Christmas ever. Instead of snow this year, we have almost 70 degree weather. No white Christmas this year, unfortunately.

I’ve yet to really indulge yet. I’m saving that for today, tomorrow, and Saturday, when we’ll celebrate Christmas with my extended family. I’ve been proud of the fiance and I for hitting the gym hard before we got here on Sunday, and going on Monday as well. The past two days we worked out at home, and I surprisingly got in an intense hour workout both days involving plyo’s, weights, and abs. I actually feel pretty sore today! 🙂

This was from Saturday when we were still home, but I had to post it! 🙂

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!


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