A fabulous end of 2015

A fabulous end of 2015


This was probably the best Christmas ever, and I’m not just saying that because I got engaged and was still basking in post-engagement bliss.

We spent Christmas Day upstate with the fiance’s family, and it was great to see everyone (and to see how big the little babies in the family have grown since we’ve seen them last!) Then we drove the 2 hours back to my parents’ house in CT that night. As soon as we got home, the fiance made us some amazing cocktails, and after everyone had a few, we sat in the living room and opened presents. Typically growing up, we would open Santa’s gifts on Christmas morning, and we continued to open presents on Christmas morning even as my brother and I were adults. But I think it’s much more fun to do it with drinks in hand– the cocktails made it that much more enjoyable! 😉 I think this may be a new tradition.

I told my mom not to buy me any physical gifts this year because we are trying to clean out our apartment, but she put together a cute little gift bag for each of us with the ingredients to make s’mores (including bourbon-flavored marshmallows!) which was such a cute idea. She also bought me a wedding planning book and 2016 calendar, so that I can going on planning (more on that later!)

My brother got the fiance a pair of hilarious eagle slippers. They came free with another gift he bought him, but after several cocktails, these had to be the most hilarious gift ever. My brother got me a gift card for spinning at Cyc, which is awesome! 🙂 Especially now that I need to be in shape for the wedding.

FullSizeRender (1).jpg
Modeling some Christmas gifts. Trust me, these slippers were even funnier a few cocktails deep!

On the day after Christmas, we celebrated with my extended family. My Dad cooked a lot of delicious food over the holiday, including a seafood paella, a bourbon mustard glazed ham, and a rib roast. Omg so much good food!

My brother brought is this fancy champagne from him and his girlfriend to celebrate our engagement!
My Dad’s paella..so so good!

We came back home to the city on Sunday. My parents were nice enough to drive us back, and of course, being in NYC, they wanted to grab some food here, so we went out to eat and got a combo of apps and brunch (and of course, more drinks).

On Monday, we headed back out of town to Atlantic City. We were planning to surprise my brother for his birthday (on the 30th), which we had planned a couple months ago with his girlfriend. She didn’t get to join us this Christmas, so it was nice to see her. I think the surprise was blown shortly before we made it to their hotel room, but my brother had the best time. He doesn’t get much time off from work, and when he does it’s not usually long enough for him to visit or do anything fun. So he was thrilled. He kept saying it was the best birthday ever!

We spent about 48 hours in AC eating great food (there are surprisingly good restaurant options at the Tropicana) and drinking…and gambling–just a little! On one of the nights, my brother put in $20 credit and we would pass around the ticket, each of us taking a few turns, then cashing it out and handing it down to the next person to play a few turns. We did that until we kicked the credit. Unfortunately, we never ended up winning anything, but we had too much fun to care. Also, we gave him him his birthday present, which was a pillow with a picture of his cat! He is obsessed with his cat, so of course he loved it.

Having a blast in Atlantic City!

Yesterday we got back to the city, and my Dad was here for the day with his buddies. So we met up them at a dive bar near Grand Central and had a few beers with them. My detox will start tomorrow!

All in all, it was a perfect holiday vacation with lots of great times.

Here’s to an equally awesome 2016!




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