A Date and Place

A Date and Place


We’ve finally set a date for our wedding and sent in the deposit for the venue! We’ll be getting married on July 15th at The Lace Factory in Deep River, CT. I love the antique yet industrial look of the space, and it reminds me of some places in Brooklyn. I fell in love with it immediately and I can’t wait to start the planning!

I think this will be the perfect venue for us because it can have a rustic feel, but as two city people, we don’t want it to be too rustic, if that makes sense! I love that they have a beautiful courtyard outside where we can hold the ceremony, and that the Deep River Landing and the Connecticut River are right across the street-perfect for pictures! Also, I love all the string lights we can hang out in the courtyard and from the ceiling inside. It gives the space a very romantic mood.

Beautiful string lights in the courtyard

At first I wasn’t sold on the idea of doing the wedding in July. I mean, I guess when I picture my wedding, I have always pictured it taking place in a warm month with the sun shining and everyone outside. But we also had the option of November 4, which is around our current anniversary of October 30th, and fall can be such a pretty time of year, especially with the foliage at its peak. Also, the fiance sweats so much in the heat, and he didn’t want a summer wedding for that reason. But in the end, we decided on July because the days will be longer and it will give us more time outside in the courtyard. Plus it will be warm so our guests can sit outside and watch the ceremony, something that may not be a possibility in November and for our older guests.

Empty venue, it’s a huge space!

One thing that really surprised me during our venue search was that (at least with the few gorgeous venues we contacted), most places were already booked up for 2016 and only had a few dates available–all of which they anticipated would book up immediately after the New Year as a result of all the holiday engagements. In fact, the Lace Factory had already booked its first wedding for 2018!

We had originally dreamed of doing our wedding sometime between late August and October, hoping for a prime September date. Ha, I can’t believe we even thought we’d have a choice! Those dates were probably long booked! We basically had to work around the availability of the venues and take what we could. I didn’t want to wait until 2017, that seems like forever away. And July does seem very soon–I didn’t even want to consider July at first because it seems like it’ll be here tomorrow haha. But now I think it will be the perfect amount of time. Long enough that we won’t feel rushed, but not too long that I have time to reconsider and question all my decisions over and over again haha.

Isn’t is just gorgeous?

All in all, we’ll be engaged for just over 8 months by the time we get married, which is great. We’ve been together for over 4 years so it’s not like we need or want a long engagement. I just can’t believe that people book their wedding so far in advance. Either people already have a venue picked out when they get engaged, or they call them up immediately after. Maybe it was my mistake for waiting, since we got engaged at the beginning of December, and I could’ve beat all the holiday engagements. But I wanted to take some time to enjoy the engagement before getting caught up in the planning. I mean, it can be a little intimidating at first. TheKnot is truly great, but the 152 item checklist can seem incredibly overwhelming at first. And TheKnot’s wedding planning book my mom bought me for Christmas has a million and one questions you’d never think to ask yourself.

I love the big windows and natural light.

Adding to the difficulty in setting the date, is the fact that my cousin is also planning her wedding (and also working around limited date availability), so we had to make sure the dates didn’t conflict. As if we needed an extra layer of difficulty to the whole process haha. She ended up setting her date for November 19th, and I was worried that a November 4th wedding, would just make November an incredibly busy and stressful month. Anyway, I’m happy now that we went with July. I’m hopeful for beautiful weather, but even if it does rain, at least we’ll be in a gorgeous venue!

I’m obsessed with The Lace Factory!


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