Reception Style Dinner

Reception Style Dinner

When we were first thought about what we wanted in terms of our wedding day, there was one thing I knew I wanted right away: a buffet style dinner. Or rather, I knew what I didn’t want: a plated dinner served by waitstaff. Now, there’s not anything terribly wrong with plated dinners, but to me, it always seems like half the reception is wasted waiting for people to receive their food. And then there are always those tables that seem to wait forever to be served, and when they do, the food isn’t even hot anymore! We’ve all been to a few weddings like that, right?


Meanwhile, with a buffet, people can mingle and dance, and eat at their own leisure. When I picture our wedding day, I didn’t want to spend half the reception with our friends sitting far away and them waiting for 3 courses to be served before they got up and started having fun– I wanted them to be able to mingle and celebrate throughout the night! Plus there’s something fun about a buffet, at least to me. Maybe it’s the inner foodie in me, but I love being able to serve myself and take as much food as I want (and go up for seconds!).

At our venue, plated, buffet, and family style receptions are all the same price, so it was just a matter of what we wanted. I do like the idea of family style too, and one thing I went back and forth on was the fact that I love the look of the long, rectangular tables in our venue, but worried that with people getting up and down to serve themselves, it might be awkward. I also worried that the buffet line could easily get crowded. Luckily, we don’t have a huge guest list, and the fiance says he has been to buffet-style weddings where everything ran very smoothly and there were no traffic jams, so we decided to go for it!

For us, I think a buffet is perfect. We want to create a more casual atmosphere, and allow our guests to mingle for as much of the night as possible. Now, we’ll just need to work on the setup of our tables and where we want the food!





All photos in this post from The Lace Factory.


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