Wedding Workouts

Wedding Workouts

Now that I am getting married in 190 days, it’s time to kick up the workout routine a few notches! I generally hit the gym about 5 times a week consistently, but in the winter it’s so much harder for me to keep up the routine. It’s just so much easier to stay in a warm bed than to brave the frigid walk to the gym!

Anyway, I spend a lot of time on Instagram following various fitness accounts, and one name I see pop up over and over is Kayla Itsines and her #BBG (bikini body) guides. Now, I’m skeptical of any “at home,” workouts and also the fact that Kayla herself looks pretty skinny–not as muscular as some fitness personalities out there (though don’t be fooled, she is pretty badass). But I was curious to give it a try seeing the transformation photos posted by her followers.

I was sooo wrong in thinking this wouldn’t be a tough workout! Basically you do 4 different sets of exercises in a circuit as many times as you can within 7 min. Then you switch to another set of exercises and do them as many times as you can for another 7 min. Then you rest for a minute and a half and repeat. Ok, so I usually do plyometrics and will do 3 sets of exercises similar to the ones I’ve seen in Kayla’s guides. But having to repeat them over and over in 7 min was so much tougher! Not only do you get your heart rate up, but you truly work your muscles to exhaustion.
I did one of her arm workouts at home. Circuit one started with 10 burpees, then 15 pushups, followed by 15 toe touches, ending with a 30 second plank. In Round 1, I got through everything 3 times plus the burpees. In Round 2, I also got through everything 3 times, but slowed down a little in my 4th set of burpees–I only finished 3 before time was up.
Circuit two included 15 squats into a dumbbell press (I improvised with the weight here), then 50 mountain climbers (holy hell that was a lot!), followed by 24 commandos (omg my arms!), finishing with 20 in and out push-ups (by which point my arms were ready to give up). In both rounds I got through everything almost twice, but it was those in and out pushups that destroyed me at the end (although in the best way possible, I could feel the burn, ha!)
I can see now why the girls who do this on a regular basis look like they do–they’ve definitely earned those bodies! I personally loved it as a way to switch up my regular routine. While I probably wouldn’t do it every day because I do really like lifting heavy, it’s definitely a great workout to throw in on those days when I don’t feel like leaving my own apartment. It’s super challenging and will definitely leave you sweaty and sore after. I’m keeping Kayla in my rotation for my wedding workout routine!

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