Bridal Party, Confirmed!

Bridal Party, Confirmed!

Our bridal party is confirmed! One big thing to check off our list and it feels good! It’s so funny because I think both Sheraz and I were nervous asking our friends and brothers to be in the party. I remember after Sheraz proposed, he told me how nervous he was and I laughed, thinking, “How could you be nervous–you knew I was going to say yes!” Well, I totally understand how he felt now after asking my three best girlfriends. I knew they’d say yes and be there for me, but I was still nervous! I mean, it’s a real commitment in terms of the investment of time and money, and I’d never want anyone to feel overwhelmed by it. But my bridal party is small (just 3!) so it’ll be easier to plan and coordinate– and for all of us to get together when it’s time!

I asked my maid of honor in person because she lives close by and I see her often. I actually asked her on New Years Eve! My other two bridesmaids don’t live in the same state as me so I sent them little packages with a card and a mini bottle of sparkling wine. I was hoping to ask them in person when I next saw them, but I just wasn’t sure when that would be and I couldn’t wait!

Sheraz also asked his best man and other groomsmen over the course of the past week (even though we had kinda informally asked my brother when we were with him in Atlantic City). So now we are all set on that front. 🙂 And we are super excited to have them all stand up there with us on our big day!

Now that that major piece is out of the way, we’ve been focusing on the vendors: florist, DJ, and photographer, as well as our officiant. I have emailed so many people and answered so many questions about my “vision” for the day! Now it’s just the back and forth emails to see who offers the best price, but also to see who we feel most comfortable with and who best understands what we want for our big day. I also now understand why people decide to make iPod playlists or DIY their centerpieces–this stuff adds up fast! It’s easy to get stressed about it all (especially when it comes to costs), but I keep reminding myself I only get to do this once so I better enjoy every minute of it! And so far I am! 🙂

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