Wedding Beauty Prep

Wedding Beauty Prep

As we lead up to the wedding, I really want to get into a beauty routine. I don’t have one now, but I figure, the sooner I get into one, the better! I have plenty of time to prep, so time to get started! Not only that, but because I turn 30 this year, I also feel it’s time to start taking better care of myself. I remember before my 25th birthday, I went out and bought all sorts of facial cleansers and anti-aging products. But I failed miserably at actually using them! I figure this time I at least have some incentive with the upcoming wedding.

Here’s some beauty regimens I hope to follow on a regular basis:

1) Floss daily and whiten my teeth. I used to use whitening mouthwash daily (and get so many compliments about how white my teeth were!), but after years of doing that and reading about how you shouldn’t use it on an ongoing basis, I stopped. My teeth are a teensy bit yellow now, but I can totally change that by July! I also want to start wearing my retainer again (I know, I’m a dork), because I can feel my teeth are slightly out of alignment. I want my smile to be perfect in my wedding photos!

2) Drink more water. This is supposed to help with clearer, more radiant skin, and I certainly don’t drink enough–I’m constantly dehydrated! This is an easy one to implement.

3) Eliminate/reduce caffeine. This was one of my New Year’s resolutions as well. It goes hand in hand with the above as caffeine dehydrates you. I’ve also read that caffeine both helps with inflammation and that it reduces inflammation–so we’re going to need to do some more research there to confirm! But I do know that drinking a lot of coffee makes me jittery and interferes with sleep (hello baggy eyes the next day), so the indirect effects are enough to make me give this up before the wedding.

4) Eat less salt. Salty foods make you bloated– not a look I am going for on my wedding day! This is something I will definitely be stricter about as the day approaches.

5) Wash my face regularly, take off my makeup before bed, and exfoliate at least once a week. Man, oh man, am I bad at this. I’m guilty of sleeping in the day’s makeup most nights of the week and I’ll only do a quick wash of my face in the shower. There is so much room for improvement here when it comes to my skincare, yikes! Maybe I’ll throw in some face masks here and there and pore cleansers, although I don’t know if I’m getting too ambitious!

6) Moisturize and use sunscreen. This goes for my face and body. I never moisturize my face and I rarely use lotion–only if my skin is going to be exposed and is looking dry. Sunscreen is super important too. I don’t want my skin to dry out or peel before the wedding.

7) Better hair care. I want to start doing regular hair masks, whether this is coconut oil, avocado, etc. My hair is so dry and has breakage and I really need to start taking better care of it. I’ve used coconut oil before and it really brings life back to my hair–I swear it feels softer after! I also need to trim my split ends. I only go for a haircut maybe once a year, if even. Regular trims are also supposed to help with breakage. I also want to wash my hair less often. They say it’s bad to wash frequently because it strips the natural oils from your hair. I’ve already been trying to do this less and minimize heat styling (I rarely blow dry anyway, so not a difficult thing for me!).

And these last two aren’t beauty tips per se, but I still feel they are important!

9) Wear my glasses more. I wear contacts daily and am so worried about having any eye issues before the wedding. My eyes do get swollen from time to time, and I think I’m going to wear my glasses in the week leading up to the wedding, just to be safe!

10) Get enough sleep. Being well rested makes a huge difference in how you both look and feel. No puffy eyes for the wedding!

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