Easy core workout

Easy core workout


Now that I’m trying to get in shape for the wedding, I’ve been trying to tone up and strength train. I absolutely love doing exercises that work my core (ok, maybe not when I’m in the middle of them), but I love the burn I feel afterward–and how I can already feel my abs getting stronger! Some of my favorite core exercises are so simple to do, yet so effective. Here are some of my favs that I love to throw in at the end of a workout:


  1. Reverse crunches– These work your lower abs. Raise your legs up, and when your feet are at 90 degrees, lift your feet straight up into the air. Make sure to lift your bottom off the floor!
  2. Oblique side crunches– Lay on your back with your legs tilted to one side. Do crunches as you normally would, but this puts emphasis on your obliques.
  3. Frog crunches– Lay on your back but bend your knees outward and have your feet touch (aka frog position). Bring your legs up to meet the top half of your body in a crunch postion.
  4. Bicycle crunches– Touch your right elbow to right knee, while extending the left leg. Then quickly alternate, straightening the right leg and touching left knee to left elbow. Do these as quickly as possible. You can make this harder by doing, say 25 crunches, then holding the position while your knee and elbow are touching for 5 seconds. Then switch to hold the position with the other knee/elbow touching. Then quickly do another 10 crunches to really feel the burn!
  5. Stability ball roll-outs– You do need equipment for this one, but every gym as a stability ball! Balance in a plank position with your feet and ankles resting on the ball. Once you have stabilized, roll your knees in to your chest and back out for as many reps as possible!

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