Wedding Planning Progress

Wedding Planning Progress


Yay, so I definitely have some wedding updates, and it feels like we are slowly, but surely, making some progress! We had a call with an officiant last week, and we are going to move forward and book him! And we have also found our photographer! 🙂 After a call with her on Saturday, she just confirmed our initial feelings about her, and we definitely want her there to capture our wedding day.

While it definitely feels stressful having to research all these different vendors, then reach out to them and compare both prices and what they offer, it feels so good when you finally settle on someone you are comfortable with.

I had left all the officiant research up to the fiance, but he did well in finding us Rev. Dr. Jeff who does non-denominational, interfaith, and civil ceremonies (he also advertises that he does pet friendly weddings and pet blessings, so he immediately earned bonus points with me!). When we spoke to him, he asked us right away whether we wanted our ceremony to be religious, include a little religion, or not be religious at all. And he was cool with whatever we wanted. He was great in offering suggestions (like having 2 guests readings to keep your guests engaged), giving us some ideas for sample ceremonies– as well as aspects we can include like doing a tribute to Moms or remembering the departed– and telling us that his one and only rule is that guests must read from the podium. He definitely seemed laid back and very “go with the flow,” and seems like he will be fine with whatever we choose to do. He earned further bonus points with me by telling me that his ceremonies tend to average about 20 min long! We want our ceremony on the shorter side, so this was great to hear.

He also brought up little details I wouldn’t have even thought about coordinating, like he said he’d take care of meeting with the DJ in terms of mic set up, and he’d need to meet with the best man before the ceremony to coordinate the exchange of rings (so there isn’t an awkward passage of Sheraz’s ring from the best man to me!). He gave us info about the marriage license that is super important, and told us he doesn’t do rehearsal dinners because it’s just not necessary. I liked how he was straight up and honest, and he seems like he is pretty experienced with this. We definitely trust him to take the lead!

As I mentioned, we also booked our photographer, Katie Slater. I am absolutely in love with her photography. The photos are definitely a splurge for us, but it’s the one investment that lasts long after the day itself is over, and the photos will hopefully get passed on for generations. Katie’s photography is just gorgeous. It’s artistic, and romantic, and intimate, and photojournalistic, and her images look like they could be in a magazine editorial. I had narrowed down a few photographers, and everyone I showed picked her as the standout.

I loved that when I reached out to her she sent us this little questionnaire about what our day will look like and what our vision is for the photography. But I loved that she also asked to hear our story: how we met, how the proposal went down. I thought it was so sweet that she was interested in this! It just shows how much she cares about her clients and getting to know more about them before the wedding day. I also loved that she sent us this brochure that basically answered every question I had in advance (she uses a Nikon, her pictures are non-watermarked, we have unlimited printing rights, she has backup equipment, she would find another photographer if for some reason she was ill on the day of) and talked about how she doesn’t really do too much posing or spend a lot of time on the family and wedding party portraits. She said she likes her photos to happen naturally and organically. When we Facetimed with her on Saturday, she was just as sweet as she was in her emails and on her website. I’m truly excited to see the photos she takes! And she has worked at The Lace Factory many times before so she is familiar with the venue, which I also think is important.

We have a call with the DJ this week, an appointment with the florist the following weekend, and our tasting scheduled for the beginning of March! So still lots more to do, but we are chipping away! I’m trying to really savor each step of the wedding planning process, and honestly, it has been pretty fun so far! 🙂



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