Easy Towel Workouts

Easy Towel Workouts

What I love about doing these towel workouts, is that you can just as easily do them at home (if you have a wood or tile floor that you can slide on) as you can at the gym! I also threw in a couple Bosu ball exercises at the end, but you don’t necessarily need one to do these exercises!

Click to read through the list of exercises in the video:

Backward lunges: Assume a backward lunge position sliding one foot backward on the towel. Keep your weight on the foot that is planted. Do 10 per leg 3x.

Curtsy squats: This works your outer hip area. With one foot on the towel, slide that leg behind you, crossing it behind your opposite leg and squatting down. Do 10 per leg 3x.

Side lunges: Slide your leg out to the side to work the inner thigh. When I do my right leg in the video, I’m bringing it too far back rather than keeping it parallel with my body, so keep this in mind! Do 10 per leg 3x.

Moving planks: Assume a plank position with both feet on the towel. Slide your feet in, bringing your knees up toward your chest, and then slide your feet back out. Do 10 reps 3x.

Bosu Ball Plank: Assume a plank position with your feet on the flat part of a bosu ball. This requires more stability than a normal plank because you are also working to balance on the bosu ball! Do 3 sets holding each for 30 seconds. You can also just start with a regular plank with your feet on the ground–you don’t have to use the bosu ball!

Spiderman planks: Balance in a plank position with your hands on the sides of the bosu ball (flat part facing up). Then lift your leg, bending your knee out to your side and reaching it towards your shoulder (as if you were climbing a wall like Spiderman!). Bring it back to plank position and repeat with opposite leg. Do 10 per leg 3x. You can also do this without the bosu ball and just have your hands on the floor. This will make it a little easier. Or, to make it more difficult, you can balance your hands on a medicine ball!




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