Registry Events

Registry Events

So one fun little perk to being engaged is that some stores host registry events where you can go and register (obviously) but also enjoy food, drinks, and prizes. Who even knew that was a thing!? As if shopping for gifts for yourself (that you don’t even have to spend your own money on!) wasn’t fun enough, add free food and some wedding swag into the mix and make it even better!

I can’t remember how I learned this was a thing, but after I found out about Macy’s Sip and Scan and Crate and Barrel’s Wedding Parties I signed up for both!


Macy’s Sip and Scan took place on a Thursday night. I think we were lucky that our local Macy’s is the Herald Square One, because I have a feeling the event was a bit above and beyond what other stores may do (at least that’s the sense I get after reading some reviews online from others who attended around the U.S.).

We got there right at 6 and there were lots of other couples there. There was a DJ playing music, a variety of delicious sandwiches, and Godiva chocolate covered strawberries and other treats (I think Sheraz had a chocolate cannoli). Unfortunately, they did not serve any alcoholic beverages, but I did get to try a Nespresso expresso, so I was not upset.

The event itself was game-ified. We got a little sheet which we had to bring around to different departments and if we registered for items in those departments, we’d get the sheet signed off on and receive a ticket to enter into a raffle at the end. We mostly scanned items we really did want, but in order to get some raffle tickets, we had to add some items that we would never actually want or need (so we had to go back and delete those later!) It was a little confusing at first in terms of who to get the raffle tickets from, and in some departments there wasn’t an employee to approach for one.

But we had a good time wandering 3 different floors at Macy’s and we wanted to stay for the raffle. We tried to kill extra time re-walking through sections over and over because we were done scanning and there was still a lot of time left before the raffle drawings. Unfortunately, we were not the lucky winners of any prizes, but the prizes were pretty awesome. They gave away a couple $50 gift cards, a Le Creuset pan, an expensive frying pan, and some other cool things I can’t remember. We also got a gift bag when we left which included a wooden Kate Spade spoon and spatula set, and a pretty cookie that was shaped like a wedding cake (which would have been enough for me to leave with! haha).

Mmm pretty bridal-themed cookie from Macy’s!


Yesterday morning we went to Crate and Barrel’s Registry Event. We weren’t even 100% sure it was still going to happen, because of the record blizzard that slammed us Saturday, but the subways were back up and running, and the store’s phone message didn’t indicate that it was cancelled. So we ventured out into the city early on a Sunday morning (as most people were just starting to shovel out sidewalks and clear away snow), to head down to the Soho store.

When we got there, there was already another couple waiting outside, so we felt better about making the trek there. They opened the doors for us and we headed inside, and all of the employees were super nice and thanked us for braving the snow to come out! We headed to the back of the store to hang our coats and get some coffee and pastries. They served coffee, juice, pastries, and carrots and hummus. I think there would have been more food if things weren’t shut down all day Saturday, and one of the employees apologized to us because there were supposed to be some vendors there, but they had cancelled. But it didn’t matter–we had such a great time!

We stayed for the full 2 hour event (less time than Macy’s, and really all that is necessary). We enjoyed ourselves so much more than at Macy’s. It was just a calmer, more relaxed environment, whereas the Macy’s one felt a bit chaotic. Also, it was nice that at Crate and Barrel they shut down the store to other customers, so it was only us couples there for the registry event. It didn’t feel crowded even though there was a good amount of other couples there. I also think that the fact that the store itself is smaller and better laid out had something to do with why we enjoyed it better– Macy’s just seemed so overwhelming!

We had several cups of coffees, and some snacks, and successfully added only the items that we really need and want to our registry (unlike at Macy’s, where we felt a little pressured to add items to get raffle tickets). Instead of using a scanner like at Macy’s, we were able to do it all on an app on my phone! We entered two raffles (one was to be drawn at the end of the event and another at the end of the month) for a knife set and a baking sheet set. And they sent us home with a gift bag, which included a set of two stemless wine glasses, so we came away with some swag from this event as well! 🙂 All in all, we had a lot of fun, especially for an event that started at 9am on a Sunday morning! I would definitely recommend couples registering at Crate and Barrel attend one of these events.

Our gift from Crate and Barrel
Taking a break from scanning in Crate and Barrel’s furniture section



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