Saying Yes to the Dress!

Saying Yes to the Dress!

Before I get started, I just have to say that none of the dresses pictured here are my actual dress! I’m keeping that a secret from my fiance, although my mom, maid of honor, bridesmaids, and grandma have seen it or pics of it!

This past weekend was a big weekend: I went wedding dress shopping AND picked out my dress! Going in I had a very clear vision of what style, fabric, cut, and look I wanted, and I have to say I ended up with pretty much what I had in mind! 🙂 Considering I’m the most indecisive person ever, this was a pretty big deal. Even when regular clothes shopping, I have difficulty making decisions and will think over my purchases long before I actually swipe my credit card. My fiance actually said he was worried I wouldn’t find anything–he knows me too well!

This was the last dress I tried at the first store, and the best option I had tried up to that point. It felt very bridal (the poofiness) and I absolutely loved the back of it (I’m obsessed with the backs of dresses!), however, I don’t know that it was very “me.” Luckily, I kept searching! 🙂

I brought along my mom and my Maid of Honor, Kristie, to go shopping with me. My mom had been so excited for WEEKS, and the night before texted me that she had been waiting for this day her whole life! It was so cute.

Our first stop of the day was RK Bridal. Because they carry a huge range of designers and have many reasonably priced gowns, I had read that it gets extremely crowded on weekends and that even people who get there before the store opened at 9:30 were put on a list. Well, we got there at 9 and I was already 5th or 6th on the list! By 9:30, the lobby was full and as one of the employees yelled out directions it felt as if we were all on the Amazing Race or some TV show where we were ready to run in and frantically start on our mission!

Because I was one of the first 10 on the list, I got a fitting room and a consultant right away. The bridal consultant brought me into the fitting room and asked what I had in mind and my price range. I showed her some pictures and a few minutes later she came back with  a few options. Next thing I knew I was stripping down (I did not realize that my boobs were going to be revealed to so many strangers that day), and climbing into the first dress. Because everyone needs to be able to try on the dresses, they come in humongous sizes, and then they take these industrial clamps to make the dress as tight as possible on your body so you can get a feel for how it’ll fit (another thing I learned about wedding dress shopping in addition to the nakedness).

I was pretty efficient with trying on dresses, and done pretty quickly (I didn’t take a full hour anywhere). The consultant insisted I try on some of the poofier styles even though I originally said I didn’t want any poof, and I actually really liked the one I tried on in the pic above. With every dress, the consultant would ask me “How do you feel?” and she got in my head a bit by telling me I’d have a big moment when I knew “the one” (which I never did, and I knew I wouldn’t–that’s just not me to get all worked up). I focused so much on how the backs of the dresses looked that every time I’d say, “I really like the back!” the consultant would ask, slightly exasperated, “But what about the front!?”


At Lovely Bride, in one of the less boho dresses I tried

After RK, we moved on to Lovely Bride in Tribeca. This was the cutest little bridal salon, from the decor to the fitting rooms to their very unique dresses. They had tons of boho styles which were very one-of-a-kind. I tried on about the same number of dresses as at the first place (maybe 5 or so?) and while there were ones I liked, a lot of them didn’t feel bridal enough. One of my favorites was a very simple dress with a cropped lace piece over the dress, which, in the back following along the deep-v shape with a long piece of lace fringe. It was a really pretty dress, but it was something I would wear to any summer event, not my wedding (I loved it, and if the dress wasn’t $1500+ I would have bought it in an instant just to wear to non-bridal functions). But that was the problem with a lot of the dresses there–they were super pretty but almost too casual for a wedding. So we moved on again!

First, however, we stopped at the absolute CUTEST brunch spot, Maman‘s, and had the best avocado toast ever. I need to come back so that next time I can try one of their coffee cocktails (coffee, almond milk, vanilla, and BOURBON? yes, please! Coffee, coconut milk, and RUM? OMG, yes!)

How cute is this place??
Avocado toast and a bloody Mary

After brunch, we moved on to our final stop of the day. It’s funny because at the beginning of the day I considered cancelling this appointment. The first store had so many designers, and I thought this last store would be borderline out of my budget, and maybe not worth it. I’m SO glad I didn’t cancel it though!!

Every store I went to was so different from the next. I had the bridal factory and the boho boutique, and this store, located in midtown off Fifth Ave., was like one of the Fifth Ave. designer stores I’ve never been into. You walked in and it just looked upscale. I knew which dress I liked from this designer, and after putting it on, I couldn’t stop smiling. It was exactly what I wanted and it just felt like it fit perfectly. I only tried on one other dress after because my dress wasn’t in the right color and I wanted to see what a whiter color would look like, but I was sold! I hadn’t talked about prices prior to the consultant picking out some dresses for me to try, but luckily this dress was in my range. I still had to think about it though, because that’s just how I am! 🙂

I think what surprised me most about this whole experience was 2 things. 1) None of the bridal consultants at any store was pushy about me making a decision on the spot, and they even encouraged me to go look at other stores. And 2) Buying a dress in February for a July wedding is really pushing it in terms of timing. I kept hearing over and over again that they weren’t sure a particular dress would ship in time for July. Thank God the dress I fell in love with will arrive in June–still close, but in time!

After we left the last store, my mom, Kristie, and I went to grab drinks and we looked over the pictures of my favorite dresses from each store until I finally made my decision! 🙂 Which called for more drinks! I think my mom could have kept celebrating but we had to make sure she could get back to CT! It was seriously one of the best days ever, I had the best time. And now I’m sooooo excited to wear my dress and for Sheraz to see it! It’s going to be a hard secret to keep 😉





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