Happy Monday, Leap Day, and New/Old Beginnings

Happy Monday, Leap Day, and New/Old Beginnings

Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start! And Happy Leap Day!

It’s an exciting week for me because tomorrow is my last day at my job. I am actually returning to my old job, which I left almost exactly 1 year ago. I don’t regret leaving, and I think that time away has given me a welcome, and necessary, perspective. I think that this will be a good decision for me for a lot of reasons. Anyway, I’m really freakin excited to go back!

In gearing up for the week, the fiance and I may have gone a *little* overboard with celebrating this weekend (is that possible?) We went to brunch on BOTH Saturday and Sunday! haha. We had two amazing meals:

Avocado toast and bacon at The Milton

The waitress wasn’t exactly sure what was in this cocktail…but it was delicious!
On Sunday, I took the boyfriend to Maman’s, where I went while dress shopping. It’s incredible!

We ended up back at Maman‘s on Sunday afternoon. Maman’s is where I went last weekend with my mom and Maid of Honor while dress shopping. I had to get their avocado toast again, because it was so amazing, but this time the fiance and I also split their pistachio loaf and I had to try their Caribbean latte (think coffee, coconut milk, and RUM!) OMG, the latte is my new favorite thing and I want to recreate it at home every weekend! Maman’s has a whole list of coffee cocktails, and I will definitely go back as many times as I need to in order to try each one!

Other than that, it was a pretty low key weekend around here. We have a big weekend ahead though–we have our tasting for our wedding menu (!!!!) and our parents are finally going to meet for the first time! But first, I need to get through the week–and all it’s excitement with switching jobs!


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