Wedding Tasting

Wedding Tasting

This weekend was so much fun that it flew by and I needed the first part of the week to recover, haha! Now that I am, I wanted to share our wedding tasting from this weekend. We had our tasting at our caterer, Cloud Nine, on Saturday afternoon. Going into it, we weren’t really sure what to expect, although we had to provide them with our tasting options from their (incredibly extensive) menu in advance. We had to choose one of everything that we’ll get for the wedding day: our stationary table option, 4 hors d’oeuvres, one soup or salad, two protein entrees,  one veg entree, one starch side, one veggie side, and dessert. There’s a little bit of pressure because if you don’t like something, you won’t get to try what you swap it out for (or you have to pay to do a second tasting  because only one is included for free).

Luckily, we LOVED everything we tried! And they served us wine along with our food, which made it even better!

Because there were a number of couples there, and it would be difficult to recreate every stationary table option, they put together a sampling of the different tables. Lots of cheese, dips, meatballs, caponata, baguette, charcuterie. Amazing!

Then we got to sample our hors d’oeuvres options. We choose crabcakes with chipotle aioli, angus beef sliders with a pickle, grilled tequila lime shrimp, and whiskey pulled pork on a blue corn tortilla topped with cheddar. We both got one bite of each but they were all sooo good! Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of the appetizers because Sheraz was too quick to wolf everything down! Our next course was a chilled watermelon feta gazpacho soup–perfect for summer! On our wedding day, they said they’ll add some mint on the top as well. We thought this would be a fun, summery option.

For our main course we choose mango glazed jerk chicken, mahi mahi topped with mango salsa, and garden cannelloni for our vegetarian option. I was surprised at how amazing the chicken was–I think it was the surprise winner! Our sides are red mashed potatoes and grilled seasonal veggies.

Holy desserts!
Don’t worry–we didn’t eat it all, we took some home with us! 🙂

Then they brought out the dessert course–there were so many things to try! We decided on doing the tiramisu flavor for our cake (which will be a naked cake!), as well as assorted brownies, bars, and cookies. We’ll also be doing pies: apple crumb and a peach cranberry. The peach pie was the second surprise of the day–it was out of this world!

Apple crumb and peach pie!

After we were totally stuffed, we had to meet with the venue owner and go over the timeline for the day as well as decide on some other details like napkin color, tablecloth color, where we’ll get married if it rains, etc. Lots of decisions but we were pretty go with the flow about it–she said we were the most easy going couple she’s ever had!

We had yet to actually see the inside of our venue in person, and we FINALLY got to go see it after the tasting. When we booked it, I had seen lots of photos online and fell in love, but I was out of state (our venue is in CT and I live in NY), so I made my Mom go look at it. They only had a handful of dates available in 2016, and I wanted to make sure we booked something in time before they were all gone.

Anyway, we are even more excited now that we’ve seen the inside of the Lace Factory! It’s an absolutely stunning venue! And it’s a huge space–we will have tons of room! It’s going to look gorgeous the day of. I am in love with all the lights on the rafters and the hanging lights.

Our amazing venue!
Inn at Middletown

After checking out the venue, we stopped at the Inn at Middletown, which is where we’ll stay the night of the wedding. We grabbed a drink at their Tavern, which will be a good spot for people to keep the party going after the reception.

As if the excitement of Saturday wasn’t enough, on Sunday, Sheraz’s family came down to my parents’ house from upstate New York to meet each other for the first time. My parents put together an amazing brunch (I helped made a few things too!) and everyone had such a great time. I think both sides are still talking about how much fun they had! Sheraz and I are relieved it was such a success (not that we were that worried, but it’s still stressful)!


Cheese, crackers, fruit, and MIMOSAS! 🙂

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