Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid Dresses

It has been over a month since I’ve last posted, and I definitely have some things to catch up on! The past few weeks have been hectic, not just because I went back to my old job, but also because Sheraz and I decided that, on top of wedding planning, now would also be a good time to move. Yes, we are crazy.

Honestly, in the past month we haven’t done a whole lot of wedding planning because we’ve been focused on other things. But we did decide to add an extra half hour to our time at the venue, so now our ceremony will be at 4:30, and the reception will be a full 5 hours from 5pm-10pm. I’m glad we won’t have to rush the ceremony and the reception in a 5 hour window–it was stressing me out whether we’d have enough time! Also, I did get to check one big thing off the list: picking out bridesmaid dresses!

I was feeling a bit stressed because the fiance and the groomsmen had already picked out their suits (from Suit Supply), and I was feeling like I was slacking on my end. I had a vision of what exactly I wanted: a blush pink, long, sleeveless dress that would be perfect for a summer evening. I had originally seen this gown, which was my inspiration:

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 7.45.31 PM.png

I really loved it, however, the company that sells it is online only (well, they do have a store, but it’s in San Francisco), which I was worried about. But, I was so in love with all of their Dove & Dahlia dresses, and thought it would be nice to let my bridesmaids pick amongst any of those dresses. That way they’d have a dress they really liked. Not to mention those dresses were really affordable!

I asked my Maid of Honor what she thought, and while she said she wouldn’t mind ordering online, she suggested we check out David’s Bridal. She had bought a dress there for another wedding she was in and said they had a good selection and were easy to work with. So her and I went one night after work, and knowing exactly the style of dress I had in mind, my MOH picked out her first dress to try on. Funny enough, it was the same one she wore in the other wedding she was in, however, that dress was a wine color.

The second she put it on, both of us were just like, “Yup, this is the one!” It fit her perfectly. She joked how her mom always told her, “If it fits well, buy it in every color!” She tried on a couple more dresses just to see, but we were totally sold on the first one. I let my other bridesmaids know, and they both ordered it immediately (As a procrastinator  myself, I was actually surprised at how quickly they did!).

It was easy, the dress looked really pretty on all of them, and it wasn’t crazy expensive. I’m actually so pleased with it, even though I had originally wanted the dress from the website. But now I’m really excited to see the girls in it on my wedding day!

This is the the bridesmaid dress, in the Petal color:

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 7.43.22 PM






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