Well, a lot has happened since I last updated this, so I really have some catching up to do!

First of all, yesterday marked two months until our wedding day, so we are officially on the countdown now! We spent the day doing one very important wedding-related task: picking out my wedding band! We just sent out our invites about a week ago, and have already gotten some RSVP’s returned back to us, which is exciting. I will share our invites in another post because I am so in love with how they came out!

The other big change since I have last blogged (and it’s a BIG one!) is that Sheraz and I have moved to a new apartment!

Raffy, inspecting literally every single box as we packed up our old place! I like to think he just didn’t want us to forget him 🙂

We are still on the Upper East Side, but we actually moved south 14 blocks, into a place that is 1388357504684545 times better than the crappy little apartment we were in. Let’s just say we seriously upgraded and it was REALLY needed. I can’t say that we have more space in the new place, but we have better utilized space, and NEW space. Our building is brand new, and it is a dreeeeam coming from a place where there were roaches, things never got fixed, and the appliances were so old they had to be considered a safety hazard.

If you’ve ever had to move apartments in New York City, you know it’s so much more of a hassle than anywhere else. First of all, you can’t even start looking at places until a couple weeks before you actually need to move, because nothing is available that far in advance. Then, when you are ready to fill out an application, you have to provide such an insane amount of paperwork plus have all the money (credit check, first month’s rent, security, pet deposit, etc) ready to go at a moment’s notice otherwise you risk losing the place to another prospective tenant. I realize now how nice it was to not have moved for 4 years, and luckily we signed a 2 year lease because I need a long break before I have to go through that crazy, stressful process again!

Between apartment searching and packing, April flew by and we didn’t have much time for anything else. I couldn’t wait to get through the move to start focusing on wedding related things again. I felt like all my time was consumed with the move.

But we are all settled in now, and back to wedding planning! Yayy! 🙂

I have a REAL, full-sized kitchen now! In New York City! It’s still crazy to me 🙂
I was used to living in a dark apartment but it makes me so happy now that we have LIGHT! 🙂
The day we moved in, I brought the kitties first and got them set up in the bathroom. I was so so worried about them adjusting, but they seem happy in their new home 🙂




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